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What passes for government these days is nothing more than fraud backed up by violence. This evil appears intelligent in the immediate but proves to be supremely stupid over time.

Socialism, communism, fascism, imperialism, whatever you want to call it; it doesn't matter. Fascism works all too well in the short-term, but then turns into a mega-disaster in the longer term. The fundamental mechanism is that the short-term social successes based on being able to back up lies with violence, or enforce frauds, can never stop those lies from still being false. Therefore, the basic problems with the current political economy are that everything was based on being able to successfully enforce frauds. That worked fantastically well for a few, in the short to medium term, but that drives the society as a whole to become psychotically insane in the longer term!

The overall problem that the human species faces is that there are no practically possible ways to prevent the best organized gangs of criminals from being able to dominate the political processes. Their abilities to use bribery, intimidation, as well as assassination of those who could not otherwise be bribed or intimidated, have gradually resulted in the current social situation where the successful politicians are the puppets of the best organized gangs of criminals, who are voted for by enough of the masses of muppets, who were brainwashed to believe in bullshit their whole lives by their schools and the mass media, which social institutions also ended up being dominated and controlled by the history of their funding.

After any group in society starts to get away with fraud, then that automatically gets worse, faster, at an exponentially accelerating rate. Tragically, there appears to be no practical ways to prevent the best organized gangs of criminals from being able to apply the methods of organized crime to the political processes, in ways that some of the profits from frauds can then be reinvested in more frauds. The overall results become that society ends up being almost totally dominated by the best professional liars and immaculate hypocrites, who collectively maintain attitudes of evil deliberate ignorance towards any more rational evidence or logical arguments, because the ACTUAL foundation of the established sociopolitical systems are the abilities to successfully back up lies with violence, or enforce frauds.

Since no amount of that kind of successful enforcement of frauds can ever stop those frauds from still being false, the more socially successful those systems of enforcing frauds become, the more that the longer term consequences are that civilization as a whole becomes controlled by runaway criminal insanities! Even more tragically, as far as I can tell, the only thing that follows from learning more about that is the more one knows, the worse it gets. Otherwise, it is politically impossible to stop any of the short-term increments of the success of evil intelligence resulting in supreme stupidity in the longer term the end result of which can only be described as pure karma.

One can commiserate with some of the relatively small percentage of the population that understands the degree to which governments have become the biggest form of organized crime, controlled by the best organized gangs of criminals, all of which collectively has become a civilization manifesting runaway criminal insanities, since NOTHING COUNTS IN EACH SHORT-TERM INCREMENT THAN EVIL INTELLIGENCE, BEING APPLIED TO ENFORCE FRAUDS, DESPITE THAT BECOMING SUPREME STUPIDITY IN THE LONGER TERM.

Collectively, we appear to be approaching the turning or tipping points, where the earlier eras of successful evil intelligence, which were able to privatize the profits from enforcing frauds, are more and more manifesting the supreme stupidities, as the longer term consequences from doing that. The monetary system has become like a metastasizing cancer, or a parasite that is killing its host. The evil intelligence that enabled financial frauds to be enforced has become too successful, for too long, and therefore, its supreme stupidity is trending towards that system as a whole committing collective suicide.

However, as far as I can tell, there continues to be no politically possible ways to prevent that from happening. The vicious spirals of the FUNDING OF THE POLITICAL PROCESSES continue to automatically get worse, faster, while there is nobody else that can compete with the ways that systems of enforced frauds have already been entrenched in the established systems. Hence, the basic mechanisms of being able to back up lies with violence have been too successful, for too long, so that their evil intelligence is transforming into supreme stupidity as we watch ... while we continue to be able to do nothing that is politically possible regarding the ways that runaway criminal insanities control the civilization that we were born into.

What makes the situation even more objectively hopeless is the degree to which the core groups of organized crime have successfully been able to control their apparent "opposition." The entire domain of political debates is almost totally dominated by the biggest bullies' bullshit world view, which is currently the banksters' view of the political economy, namely that their frauds being enforced by governments are somehow supposed to be good things.

It is almost impossible to exaggerate the degree to which evil intelligence totally dominates every sociopolitical institution, so that all of the most socially successful people are the best professional liars and immaculate hypocrites, which works because the vast majority of people have been so totally brainwashed to believe in bullshit, to the degree that they want to continue to believe in bullshit, and do not want to think in any other way than that.

The problems we face are way worse than guys like Stockman point out, because of the degree to which almost everyone thinks and communicates is almost totally dominated by thousands of years of developing the biggest bullies' bullshit social stories, so that those dominated natural languages and the philosophy of science. The prolonged social successes of backing up lies with violence, which have enabled building a political economy on the basis of enforced financial frauds, is far more profound a problem than guys like Stockman appear to appreciate.

Thousands of years of history of successful warfare based on being able to back up deceits with destruction, which then morphed into financial success based on enforcing frauds, has become the overall arc of human civilization as a whole becoming evil intelligence in a trajectory towards supreme stupidity. Paradoxically, most of the progress in science and technologies have ended up primarily serving evil intelligence to drive itself towards manifesting supreme stupidity orders of magnitude more than ever before. Articles like Stockman's above are barely touching upon some tiny tips of the huge icebergs of those political problems.

While the international banksters recaptured control over the American monetary system more than a Century ago. To see only that is to look through a tiny keyhole perception at the overall problems that are due to civilization being based on the successful applications of the principles and methods of organized crime. While it is theoretically possible to somewhat untangle the political paradoxes that arise through systems of legalized lies, backed by legalized violence, which result from the best organized gangs of criminals being able to control the biggest form of organized crime, governments, that is still a relatively superficial analysis of the deeper problems.

There are chronic political problems inherent in the nature of life, which must be resolved somehow. Natural selection pressures were gradually internalized as human intelligence. However, that intelligence was then selected through the history of warfare to become an evil intelligence, that operated its artificial selection systems most successfully by backing up deceits with destruction, and being treacherous. That continued to develop for thousands of years, eventually becoming the civilization that surrounds us now, where there is a MAD Money As Debt system backed by the MAD Mutual Assured Destruction system, which manifest as globalized electronic monkey money frauds, backed by the threat of force from apes with atomic bombs.

Due to the real death controls being done through the maximum possible deceits, the real financial controls built on that foundation ended up being done through the maximum possible frauds. However, while that was happening, the core groups of the best organized gangs of criminals, who were able to apply their evil intelligence in order to achieve their goals, such as getting governments to legalize them being able to counterfeit the public "money" supply, the relative social successes of those best organized gangsters, or the banksters, then enabled them to more and more control the opposition groups, so that those controlled opposition groups would continue to operate within the overall frame of reference which maintained attitudes of the maximum possible ignorance, so that those opposition groups would promote views about the basic death control systems which were staying within the maximum overall deceits regarding those topics.

Similarly the controlled opposition groups with respect to the political economy also stay within the frame of reference of maintaining attitudes of evil deliberate ignorance, in order to continue to operate within the frame of reference of the maximum possible frauds, in order to not discuss those basic ways that the source of the public "money" supply had become government enforced frauds by privately controlled banks. Therefore, that situation drove runaway systems that privatized the profits, while socializing the losses, which processes drove the evil intelligence of those banksters, and their controlled opposition groups, to more and more accumulate greater and greater overall socialized losses, which grew bigger than the previous privatized profits, which meant that the previously successful evil intelligence was thereby transforming into an overall collectively supreme stupidity.

One of the more abstract ways of regarding those tragic trajectories of the develop of human civilization is that natural selection has enabled the development of evil intelligence, that has ended up developing cultural systems of artificial selection which are manifesting supreme stupidity. The sequences of short-term successes based on being able to back up lies with violence has resulted in almost everyone almost totally embracing lies. Similarly, the basic ways that the vast majority of people deliberately misunderstand political economy could barely be more backward and absurd than they are now.

I often summarize those dilemmas by saying that the existence of natural selection forces human beings to develop better death control systems, to back up better debt controls systems, so that the overall human evolutionary ecologies and political economies could be genuinely improved. However, that continues to be practically impossible due to the historical degree of almost total triumphs of evil intelligence in dominating civilizations. Therefore, as civilization approaches the points of terminal supreme stupidity, it is practically impossible for that civilization to respond in any saner ways, since that civilization has now almost nothing but organized crime groups, surrounded by controlled opposition groups, both of which operate within the same frames of reference, which are profoundly deceitful and fraudulent.

Similarly, the ruling classes, and those they rule over, both mostly share in promoting the same bullshit social stories, based on false fundamental dichotomies, and the related impossible ideals. Such a social pyramid system has become an utterly oxymoronic scientific dictatorship, which constantly perfects its evil intelligence, in ways which always end up becoming more supremely stupid as a manor karmic payback.

It is practically impossible to get a society almost totally dominated by the best professional liars and immaculate hypocrites to recognize and admit those facts. After all, it is quite thoroughly paradoxical to recognize and admit the cultural dead-end of social successes based upon enforcing frauds. Such successes become runaway developments of increments of evil intelligence driving towards an overall final result which is supreme stupidity.

The supreme stupidity is the ultimate karmic payback for thousands of years of paradoxical rule by evil intelligence. As our civilization folds into the next era ages of rule by the evil intelligence will be ended in a karmic act of supreme stupidity that self corrects thousands of years of injustice and lies. The comeuppance long delayed will finally be had for the evil intelligence in its' final coup de'grace of supreme stupidity. This is the only outcome that can manifest at the convergence the mega and super trends occurring in the present time. In the long view beyond the life span of single human the process can almost be said to be planned that way to teach our entire species a lesson we will never forget.
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